Port and Maritime Clusters


Ports are international transport hubs, but also locations for many other related activities. Ports are the locations for maritime, trading and production activities that depend on the availability of large scale transport, specific nautical knowledge, the presence of supporting industries and other features that are typically part of a port and maritime cluster. At Erasmus UPT we have a broad experience in analyzing cluster development in the port and maritime industry. Researching the structure and performance of clusters and also identifying policies for business and government to improve the performance of the cluster.  

Projects on Port and Maritime Clusters (selection of):

  • HAVENMONITOR: Yearly monitor of port performances in the Netherlands and the economic impact (2008-ongoing)

  • PORTOPTIA: Creation of an integrated knowledge base and management system of port performance (2014-ongoing)

  • RIJN-SCHELDE: Yearly monitor of port performances in the Rijn-Schelde Delta and the economic impact (2010-ongoing)