Erasmus Women in Academia: personal & career development

The programme is based on three essential aspects of leadership that underpin the main leadership skill sets: “managing yourself”, “managing relationships”, and “managing networks”. These aspects involve a high level of self-awareness, the willingness to risk trying out new behaviour, and the capacity to be flexible and change along with your environment.

The outcomes of the programme will facilitate highly talented women to:

  • Remain in academia and thereby reducing the loss of talent as the pipeline progresses
  • Move into (senior) leadership positions – career progression
  • Help address issues around gender climate. 

Practical information


The dates for 2019 will be announced soon.
If you are interested please contact TOP.

Location:Module 1:  Van der Valk Hotel ARA - Zwijndrecht (There is a shuttle service available from the campus to Hotel ARA)
Module 2:  EUR Woudestein
Teachers: The teachers are connected to the Erasmus Center for Women and Organisations
Target audience:

Female assistant and associate professors from the EUR.

Fee:The fee to participate is EUR 500. You can either ask your department to fund your participation or use your Personal Career Budget to pay for this. 
Registration:Contrary to the previous CDP-programme, there is no selection procedure.
Registration is on first come first serve basis.     

*Please be aware that the programme involves evening session till approx. 21.00 hrs. To get the full experience of the programme your attendance is mandatory for all sessions. Please make arrangements beforehand so that you can attend the complete programme. Overnight stay on the course location premises during module 1 is highly recommended.