Feeling stressed? Get moving!

Stress, stress management and physical excercise

Stress is the “spice of life”, as Hans Selye, the father of stress research, put it. But at the same time, it is indisputable that stress is also one of the major threats for our physical and mental health. Yet, even though we use the term “stress” on a daily basis, most people struggle to explain what stress actually is and do not have a deliberate way to cope with stress. This course equips you with general, evidence-based knowledge about stress, stress consequences and stress management methods to enable you to mind your health in stressful situations more effectively. When discussing stress management methods, the course will in particular focus on the power of physical exercise as stress regulation mechanism and provide advice on how to get/remain physically active. After completing the training course participants will:

  • Be familiar with the theoretical stress concept, stressors and stress consequences in order to better understand why, how and when stress can be detrimental for our health
  • Be aware of their own stressors, stress symptoms and coping behaviour
  • Be able to better control stress-increasing behaviour and attitudes
  • Know about and experience basic stress management and relaxation methods
  • Understand the evidence for and the importance of physical exercise as stress management method
  • Know about ways to become more physically active or stay physically active, also in stressful times

Practical information

Date:1 October 2018
Duration:1 day
Location:EUR Woudestein
CostsThe fee to participate is € 315 per participant

this training is in English