Analytic storytelling

Analytic Storytelling is a storytelling method for people working with complex content. As a researcher, policy maker or other knowledge worker you have to collect, analyze, and structure complex information into a coherent story. But you also have to communicate your findings, be it in the form of a presentation, a paper, or funding application. To do this, Analytic Storytelling offers a step-by-step method that will help you deliver a clear and compelling message.

We offer this course in collaboration with the Erasmus Graduate School of Social Sciences and the Humanities. You can enroll for this course via the enrolment form on their website.

Practical information


At the moment there are no dates available.If you are interested, please contact TOP.

Times:10.00 - 17.00
Duration:2 days 
Location:EUR Woudestein
Costs:€ 580 


  • During the two full course days you will learn the Analytic Storytelling method by applying it to your own work. You will receive extended feedback from the trainer and other participants on your exercises as well as on the storyline of your project.

    What you will learn:

    • Adapt your complex content to the interests and knowledge-level of your audience.
    • Structure your content into a clear and coherent story
    • Provide an engaging context that makes your story meaningful for others
    • Use strong visuals and writing techniques to add attractive, lively and concrete story elements

    The resulting skills can be applied to any type of communication for any type of audience (e.g. publications, grant applications, for peers or laymen)

    There will be two full course days and two assignments: a preparatory online module on structuring your storyline (~2-3 hours) and a homework assignment to improve your storyline (~2-3 hours)

    Note: Without following the online module and making the preparatory assignment, you won't be able to participate, so please do so.

  • Communicating and influencing: persuasiveness; written fluency; verbal communication; presenting

    Analysing and devising: conceptual capacity; analytical capacity

  • The training will be given by one of the trainers of Analytic Storytelling. All the Analytic Storytelling trainers have a background in science, philosophy and storytelling. They combine analytic skills (clear thinking and argumentation) with experience in e.g. creative writing, animations, theater, or museum design. Analytic 

  • This training is intended for researchers, policy makers, and other knowledge workers who want to learn how to translate complex information into clear and compelling stories fine-tuned to your target audience(s).

  • After completing the training course, you will receive a certificate of participation.