Maximize the visibility of your research

How to increase your societal visibility as a researcher?

Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, television or radio: there are many platforms to share your scientific knowledge with others. These enable you to reach a large audience, not merely academic peers or students. How to present yourself on various (social) media? How to translate complex scientific knowledge into an appealing blog? How to stand out and be noticed? This course is for those who need to commence working on their visibility as well as for those who have already started and would like to improve their skills.


After completing the course you will:

  • have been equipped with knowledge, skills and experience to write a good blog article.
  • have written a couple of blog articles. The other participants and the teacher will have given you valuable feedback and you will have learned to rewrite your blog in order to improve its quality.
  • have examined what works best for you personally when it comes to increasing your visibility.
  • have practised with creating visual content such as making a short video / vlog or a good picture which can be used as an illustration for a blog article or a post on social media.
  • be able to continue working on your visibility on the basis of the vision you have formulated during the course and the tailored advice you have received from the teacher.

Practical information

Data:Interested? Contact TOP! We will organize this training if there is sufficient interest.

15.30-17.30 | final session 15.00-17.30

Duur:4 sessions of 2 hours, 1 session of 2,5 hours
Locatie:EUR Woudestein
Kosten:€ 425 per participant
  • This course will equip you with both knowledge and hands-on practical skills to increase your visibility as a scientist. How to write an appealing blog article and make a good picture to illustrate its content? How to set up a personal website and how to prepare for a TED talk or a similar event which gives you the opportunity to address a more general public?

    In this course you will learn different storytelling techniques and explore various possibilities in order to find your preferred tone of voice. By receiving feedback you will learn to improve. The tailored advice and useful tips and tricks will enable you to either commence or continue to work on your visibility on a structural basis. After this stimulating and inspiring course you will be heading in the right direction!

  • Rachel Visscher is a communication specialist. At Erasmus University she works as a Senior Editor at ESSB and as a journalist at EUR Newsroom. She is the author & director of various books (both fiction and investigative journalism) and documentary films which were screened on television and festivals worldwide.

  • The training is devised for researchers who would like to increase their societal visibility.