How to increase your societal visibility as a researcher?

Blogs, LinkedIn, Facebook, television or radio: there are many platforms to share your scientific knowledge with others. These enable you to reach a large audience, not merely academic peers or students. How to present yourself on various (social) media? How to translate complex scientific knowledge into an appealing blog? How to stand out and be noticed? This course is for those who need to commence working on their visibility as well as for those who have already started and would like to improve their skills.


After completing the course you will:

  • have examined what works best for you personally when it comes to increasing your visibility.
  • have set your personal goals regarding your visibility as a researcher.
  • have been equipped with knowledge, skills and experience to write appealing posts on social media.
  • have practiced with visual content.
  • be able to continue working on your visibility on the basis of the vision you have formulated during the course and the tailored advice you have received from the teacher.
  • have worked on a personal plan/assignment, depending on your wishes and goals. This can either mean you will hone your writing skills, work on a personal website, presentation, podcast or a podcast idea.
  • during the whole course the trainer will have given you valuable feedback. 

Practical information


3, 10, and 17 November and 1 December 2022

Time schedule:
Day 19.30-12.30 (offline)
Day 29.30-10.30 (online)
Day 39.30-10.30 (online)
Day 4 9.30-10.30 (online)
Duration:3 sessions 
Location:Offline/ Online
Price:€ 565 per participant

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This course will equip you with both knowledge and hands-on practical skills to increase your visibility as a scientist.

In this course you will learn different storytelling techniques and explore various possibilities in order to find your preferred tone of voice. How to present yourself on social media and illustrate a text with a good picture? By receiving feedback you will learn to improve. The tailored advice and useful tips and tricks after each session will enable you to either commence or continue to work on your visibility on a structural basis. After this stimulating and inspiring course you will be heading in the right direction.

The course consists of a couple of group sessions, after which there will follow a more personal trajectory. During those final two sessions you will have the possibility to work on your own personal goals, guided by the trainer. You can choose, for instance, to hone your skills in writing a blog or an op-ed. Or you can work on your personal website, prepare for a (TED Talk) presentation or draft a plan for a podcast. In sum: there are plenty of possibilities!

Session 1Theme: “Introduction visibility & theoretical basis social media”
Session 2Theme: “ Social media exercises”
Session 3Theme: “Preparing personal work plan”
Session 4

Theme: “Working on personal visibility”

Please note that there will be homework for the participants. This cost you approximately 30 minutes-1 hour per week. For the last session it will probably be a bit more (1-2 hours) depending on the goals that you will set for yourself.

The training is devised for all kinds of researchers who would like to increase their societal visibility. Professors, PhD students, postdoctoral researchers; everybody is welcome.

Rachel Visscher is a communication specialist. She has studied social history at Erasmus University and has obtained a Research Master in anthropology at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. After an exchange year in Rome she continued her studies at an art school to explore visual communication and creative writing. Subsequently, she worked as a journalist and independent artist. As an author she has published various books on a great variety of themes, among which: religion, migration and dementia. Moreover, she has directed and produced documentaries. As a communication specialist she has worked for an NGO and the Rathenau Instituut. Currently, she works as a Research Communication Officer at ISS. 

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