Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Nanobiology

Nanobiology is a new field of research that borders on physics and biology. The programme focuses on the interactions between molecules, cells and organisms, based on fundamental principles of  physics.

The Erasmus MC and TU Delft are working together on a programme that forms a bridge between mathematics, physics and biology. In addition to a thorough basis in fundamental natural sciences and biology, you receive extensive practical laboratory classes. You switch between subjects such as bio-physics and thermodynamics and transport in Delft and molecular biology and genetics in Rotterdam. Collaboration is important; that is why there is room for a lot of group work.

With nanobiology you start in a position in research. You can contribute to finding new treatments for diseases, such as improved therapy for cancer or technology for signaling the early stages of heart disease. But other possible applications are research into a method for analyzing DNA from a single cell or the development of a microscope for monitoring the molecule in a living cell. Because you are able to move between different domains, you have a solid basis for a career as a teacher, scientific journalist or advisor.

Bachelor  in Nanobiologie

Why a Bachelor Nanobiology studeren in Rotterdam?

  • Because technology only recently allows biology studies at nano-level.
  • It puts you at the frontier of exciting new research.
  • It combines physics and biology.
  • Two world class institutions in Delft and Rotterdam.
  • An opportunity to work with very high techresearch facilities.
  • It's in a stimulating international environment.

Career opportunities Bachelor in Nanobiology

The field of Nanobiology has excellent career prospects. You may start in research: often at an academic or medical institution. Beyond research, you might be a liaison between industrial companies and scientific institutions, or government agencies. Nanobiologists are seen in many biological, medical, technological and life sciences areas.

Education objectives Bachelor in Nanobiology

The Nanobiology bachelor program introduces you to the fundamental molecular and cellular mechanisms controlling health or involved in disease, as well as to the technology that have brought these discoveries to light. Bridging biology and physics, you will acquire the knowledge and skills you need to work in the most advanced of research laboratory conditions.

Curriculum Bachelor in Nanobiology

The three-year Nanobiology program is fundamentally interdisciplinary. Courses will feature lectures, workgroups, lab training and combinations of these. You get to study in small groups at both the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam and the faculty of Applied Sciences in Delft.

Courses taught in parallel will often refer to one another using similar examples or other forms of integration. This helps you put your knowledge in perspective. Furthermore the curriculum focuses on two aspects:

  • Nanoscience and nanophysics as applied to biological systems.
  • A quantitative understanding of biology as it relates to human health and disease.

Your first two years emphasise acquisition of knowledge; in the third year you'll apply what you've learned.

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Target audience Bachelor in Nanobiology

If you


  • have a high aptitude for mathematics,physics and biology
  • are a team player
  • have a good grasp of the English language
  • enjoy exploring a new area where biology, mathematics, physics and technology meet
  • like to work in small groups
  • want to make a difference in the future ofbiomedicine;
  • are not afraid of a challenge
  • appreciate teaching staff with aninternational background
  • value a good job perspective:

the bachelor Nanobiology is your programme.

Admission criteria Bachelor in Nanobiology

The Bachelor programme in Nanobiology welcomes applicants with a Dutch VWO diploma:

  • Nature and Health with with Physics & Mathematics B
  • Nature and Technology with Biology

An interview may be part of your entry procedure as guidance to your study choice.

Application Bachelor in Nanobiology

Nanobiology is suitable for students with a VWO-diploma with the NT profile with biology or an NG profile with mathematics B and physics. You should be an inquiring, inquisitive student with a strong interest in math, physics and biology. You want to make a contribution to groundbreaking research in the near future and you're willing to work hard to reach that goal.

Continuing with a Master Bachelor in Nanobiologie

After your bachelor's degree, the TU Delft (Applied Sciences) and the Erasmus University Rotterdam (Erasmus MC) will offer you a joint master's program: the so-called ‘continuation master’ for all Nanobiology bachelor's degree graduates. The two-year master's program features exciting further studies and prepares you for a PhD or a job as scientific researcher in Nanobiology and related fields.