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Bachelor (BSc²) in Econometrics/Economics 

This programme provides you with an understanding of how economics works, and gives you access to methods for analysing economic problems and calculating their solutions.

Would you like to know what the causes of the economic crisis were? Are you curious about how markets work? Do headlines like ‘Are waiting lists for healthcare a major problem?’ or ‘Congestion problem appears to be out of control’ grab your attention? Are you therefore interested in economic issues, and do you have the talent to solve them using the most advanced techniques? Then the BSc2 Econometrics/Economics programme is the place for you! Our reputation can be put down to our unique combination of theory and practice and our ability to both anticipate contemporary developments in the economy and to incorporate academic knowledge into our programmes.

Why study BSc2 Econometrics/Economics in Rotterdam?

  • The economics and econometrics programmes in Rotterdam have a strong reputation, both in the Netherlands and abroad.
  • The BSc2 Econometrics/Economics double programme makes it possible to complete two programmes in six years (including  the master degree)
  • At the end of the programme you will obtain two diplomas and will be highly regarded on the job market.

Career opportunities with BSc2 Econometrics/Economics

There are many different options in the labour market open to an econometrics and economics graduate. Companies in the Netherlands and beyond are interested in the broad education of these economists, both in economic fields and certainly in more general fields too. You are a versatile employee and, depending on your own interests, you can go in any direction.


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Education objectives BSc2 Econometrics/Economics

  • It is important to be aware that this programme is fairly tough.
  • The programme is therefore aimed at strong and motivated students who have a wide range of interests in both areas of study.
  • Our programme provides you with a thorough understanding of how economics works, and also gives you access to methods and techniques for analysing complicated economic problems and calculating their solutions.

Curriculum BSc2 Econometrics/Economics

The Economics and Business Economics and Econometrics and Operations Research programmes both consist of a three-year bachelor degree and a one-year master degree. That means that both programmes together last for eight years.
The BSc2 Econometrics/Economics double programme, however, makes it possible to complete both programmes in six years (including the master study). This is made possible by attending extra lectures and sitting extra exams as a student, whereby you acquire an average of 66 credits each year rather than the usual 60 credits. The double programme focuses in the first year primarily on the Econometrics and Operations Research programme.

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Target Audience BSc2 Econometrics/Economics

You are interested in how economies work, both on a national and international level and for both companies and institutions. But you are also someone who enjoys making calculations of economic problems using scientific and statistical models and methods. The programme is therefore aimed at strong and motivated students who have a wide range of interests in both areas of study.

Admission criteria BSc2 Econometrics/Economics

There are various entry requirements for programmes at Erasmus University Rotterdam. For the BSc2 these requirements are the same as for the Econometrics programme plus at least an average grade of 7 (on a 1 to 10 scale) or equivalent in secondary education, and are required to have taken Mathematics B (Dutch diploma holders) or higher level Mathematics for other systems.

If you meet or will soon meet the admission requirements and you have decided to apply at Erasmus University Rotterdam, you must follow several steps in the application procedure.


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Application BSc2 Econometrics/Economics

  • First complete the application for ‘Econometrics and Operations Research’, and then return to the Studielink homepage and choose ‘New Application Request’ [Nieuw Inschrijvingsverzoek]. Now also apply for ‘Economics and Business Economics’.
  • You will also have to write a motivation letter.

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Continuing with a master BSc2 Econometrics/Economics

After the bachelor degree, you can proceed by choosing your master programme(s). These can be any masters programmes from either the Economics or the Econometrics programmes, but you can also consider doing one single specialisation that you study from both an economic and econometric perspective, such as ‘Finance’ or ‘Marketing’.


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