ESE Top staff rewarded at ceremony

During a special Awards ceremony which was held on the 8th of March 2012, the management team of the Erasmus School of Economics expressed its appreciation towards her academic staff by rewarding the Top Lecturers, the Top Talent Researchers and the Top Senior Researchers of 2011. Besides that, the Visibility Award was presented for a third time in a row. Moderator of this event was Bauke Visser, director of Tinbergen Institute.

Top Talent Researcher
Bauke Visser presented the Top Talent Researcher award, together with a grant to the following researchers: Victor Maas, Dennis Huisman, Kirsten Rohde, Tom van Ourti and Maarten Bosker. They received this Award due to excellent research which resulted in a high number of AA/A or P* published papers in the last three years.

Top Senior Researcher
Thereafter Bauke Visser announced the following researchers as Top Senior Researchers, because of their high continuous quality research performance: Philip Hans Franses, Dick van Dijk, Richard Paap, Peter Goos, Rommert Dekker, Han Bleichrodt, Stefan Stremersch, Otto Swank, Peter Wakker, Eddy van Doorslaer and Ingolf Dittmann.

Top Lecturer
Vice Dean Ivo Arnold awarded another six persons with the prestigious Top Lecturer Award. The winners were: Kirstin Rohde, Peran van Reeven, Julian Emami Namini & Giovanni Facchini, Tim Salimans and Ronald Huisman.

Visibility Award
This year the Visibility Award was awarded by Philip Hans Franses to three persons: Bas Jacobs, Ivo Arnold and Casper de Vries. Every year, the Visibility Award is rewarded to ESE employees whose professional activities in the past year most strongly, most enthusiastically and/or most vigorously contributed to the enhanced visibility and reputation of the ESE. In 2011 the three winners were responsible for more than hundred of media appearances either on television or radio and in newspapers.

ESE-Honorary Award
For the first time in history of the Erasmus School of Economics an ESE- Honorary Award was presented. Out of the hands of Justus Veenman, director of the department applied economics, Philip Hans Franses received this prestigious Award. 
While acting as the Dean of the Erasmus School of Economics, Philip Hans Franses is still highly involved in the School’s teaching and research, with excellent results. He is furthermore a strong representative of the ESE in management issues. This primarily involves protecting the interests of our School in University matters, both within and beyond the Erasmus University Rotterdam. Philip Hans Franses also excels in drawing attention to the School’s achievements. His media performances and frequent contributions to EconomieOpinie make him a well-known and highly appreciated member of the ESE. His external teaching at, for example, the University of Paramaribo adds to the School’s reputation. Philip Hans Franses is also the first Dutchman that received a Thai honorary doctorate. Besides that, he is member of the prestigious Royal Dutch Academy of Science (KNAW). All of this and his dynamic way of stimulating others make him an outstanding example of what the Erasmus School of Economics wishes to achieve. Therefore, Philip Hans Franses received the ESE-Honorary Award.

25 PhD-theses at ESE
Rommert Dekker and Philip Hans Franses were Supervisor of 25 PhD-students. In 2011 the 25th PhD-student successfully defended their thesis. On occasion of this event, some of them made a videomessage, which you can watch here

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Publication date: 09 March 2012