Winner Ruut Veenhoven Award 2019

Winner Ruut Veenhoven Award 2019
Winner Ruut Veenhoven Award 2019

We're very happy to announce that dr. Mohsen Joshanloo is the winner of the Ruut Veenhoven Award 2019.

Mohsen Joshanloo.

Dr. Mohsen Joshanloo is Associate Professor at the Department of Psychology at Keimyung University, South Korea. He has published widely on cultural aspects of mental well-being using data from countries across five continents. His research interest include (1) understanding the factors that facilitate or impede well-being, (2) examining the ways in which individuals, religions, and cultures construct and interpret the meaning of well-being, (3) investigating the ecological and cross-cultural validity of comprehensive models of well-being, (4) understanding how and why people in various cultures pursue or avoid happy experiences, and (5) statistical methods for analyzing large-scale, multi-cultural, and multi-level.

Optimal human functioning around the world: A new index of national eudaimonic well-being

Eudaimonic well-being (EWB; i.e., optimal psychosocial functioning) is a largely overlooked aspect of national well-being. The study that Mohsen Joshanloo will present uses data from nearly 1,800,000 respondents from 166 countries to construct an index of EWB. EWB demonstrates moderate positive associations with other quality-of-life indicators (i.e., national life satisfaction, national prosperity, overall quality of life, and gross domestic product), indicating that it captures information not reflected by them. The distribution of EWB at national, regional, and global levels, as well as its global trend, is explored. The study also examines the relationships between EWB and a number of theoretically indvidual- and country-level variables. Finally, Joshanloo will briefly present on-going research that uses the EWB index to test new hypotheses.


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