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EUR congratulates the following graduates:

O.X. Dijt (Economics and Business)- C.H.L. Kars (Economics and Business)- S.C. Royer (Economics and Business)- B. Nagy (Economics and Business)- M.C. Samsom (Economics and Business)- K.C. Dees (Economics and Business)- G.M.R. van der Hoeven (Economics and Business)- J.P. Pinargote Tobar (Econometrics and Management Science)- G.N. de Graaf (Economics and Business)- A.M.T. Roest (Economics and Business)- C.M. van Megen (Economics and Business)- S.N. Geesing (Economics and Business)- A.P. Soekhlal (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- H.A. Keizer (Economics and Business)- N. Konstantinaki (Economics and Business)- J. Zhao (Economics and Business)- M.H. Hoang (Economics and Business)- J. Eleuteri (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- G. Kim (Economics and Business)- E. Karkoni (Economics and Business)- L.G.M.W. Koppen (Econometrics and Management Science)- A. Kenyeres (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- M.E.H. Morris (Economics and Business)- I. Tsopanakis (Economics and Business)- E.J.G. van der Kleij (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- N. Bottura (Economics and Business)- I.V. Wesener (Economics and Business)- K.I. Krishnadath (Economics and Business)- S. Peters (Economics and Business)- R.G. Kootte (Economics and Business)- K.G. Stolk (Pedagogy and Education)- Q. Lainert (Health Economics, Policy and Law)- S.J. Jagernath (Recht van de gezondheidszorg)- M.A.M. Vervaart (Health Economics, Policy and Law)- R.S. Rocha (Media, Culture & Society)- J. Pupella (Media & Cultuur)- L.S. van der Beek (Media & Cultuur)- V. Boelhouwers (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- N.L.M. Deijkers (Psychologie)- R.L.A. Maria (Financieel Recht)- D.S.K. Timmers (Filosofie)- C.H.L. Kars (Economics and Business)- T. Heijkoop (Public Administration)- J.R. van Kralingen (Psychologie)- S. Gerrits (Financieel Recht)- J.M. van Zuijlen (Psychologie)- G.M.R. van der Hoeven (Economics and Business)- Z. Akoudad (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- A.M. Zimny (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- D.A.B. Bissessur (Financieel Recht)- H.J. Westerbeek (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- P.L. Man (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- I. Hasanović (International Public Management and Publ)- M.W.D. van Gurp (Public Administration)- M.W. van den Bergh (Public Administration)- M.L. ten Hout (Public Administration)- W.R. Ridderhof (Public Administration)- A.M. Seefried (International Public Management and Publ)- H. Heimensen (Bedrijfsrecht)- R.D. Yetsenga (Financieel Recht)- E.C. Dirksen (Financieel Recht)

The Netherlands climbs one place in Global Gender Gap Index 2015

Tuesday, 24 November 2015

Each year, the World Economic Forum (WEF) publishes its Global Gender Gap Index, which provides an insight into the inequality between males and females which affects more than 90 per cent of the world’s population. The 2015 report measures the gap between men and women in 145 countries across four key areas: economic participation, access to education, access to health care and life expectancy, and political influence. After dropping from 11th to 14th place in the standings last year, the Netherlands has climbed to a 13th place again this year. The WEF is hosted by INSCOPE: Research for Innovation. Henk Volberda, professor of strategic management and business policy at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM), was in charge of the team investigating the Dutch gender gap. 

Dutch companies achieve more innovations

Friday, 20 November 2015

Research institute INSCOPE: Research for Innovation at Erasmus University Rotterdam conducts the Erasmus Competition and Innovation Monitor every year. The research is led by Prof. Henk Volberda, professor of strategic management and business policy at Rotterdam School of Management, Erasmus University (RSM). Announcements of the research results and the most innovative company in the Netherlands took place on Thursday 19 November 2015 during the Innovation Festival 2015 in the Rotterdam Science Tower. According to Henk Volberda, Dutch companies achieve more innovations, but investments in technological innovation continue to fall.

Response to the attacks in Paris

Monday, 16 November 2015

The Erasmus University Rotterdam community has been shocked by the horrific events in Paris last Friday. Several students and staff members of our university were staying in Paris. As far as we know, no one was injured.