Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Dr. Lorenzo Pellegrini wins two grants

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

PhD defense Drs. R.T. Mankowski (Erasmus MC)

Alternative Strategies to Improve the Beneficial Effects of Exercise Throughout Life: dietary and physiological aspects

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

PhD defense Drs. S.E. Mous (Erasmus MC)

The Distracted Brain

Wednesday, 2 September 2015

PhD defense Drs. A. Haak (Erasmus MC)

Augmenting Electrophysiology Interventions with Advanced 3D Transesophageal Echocardiography

Test Alumni

EUR congratulates the following graduates:

S.R. Radiev (Finance & Investments)- L. Schlooz (Supply Chain Management)- B. Manouchehrabadi (ERIM Master of Philosophy in Business Re)- P. Fraile Maqueda (Commercial Law)- D. Ouellet (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- M.A. Kempen (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- K. de Roo (Economics and Business)- J.C. Steinbuck (Economics and Business)- T.H.M.A. Sieben (Economics and Business)- F.D. Jaramillo Cevallos (Economics and Business)- S. Kostakis (Economics and Business)- M.J. Heutinck (Economics and Business)- D.J.M. ten Berge (Economics and Business)- H. Şimşek (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- P.J.R. van Bommel (Economics and Business)- C. Zarra (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- E.R. Bijl (Economics and Business)- L.J. Qayoumi (Economics and Business)- J. van Meerkerk (Economics and Business)- R.J. Maat (Economics and Business)- E.A. Langbroek (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- M. Biesheuvel (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- W. van Os (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- C.J.P. van Oostrom (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- S.J. Ghisaidoobe (Economics and Business)- E.C. van der Zwaag (Economics and Business)- C.L.J. Viskil (Economics and Business)- S. van der Lee (Economics and Business)- H. Sahin (Economics and Business)- H. Aktaş (Economics and Business)- Z. Chen (Economics and Business)- G.R. Bloemenveld (Fiscale Economie)- M. Chau (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- B.J. Oostveen (Economics and Business)- J. van Dam (Economics and Business)- R.L. Kostense (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- M.M.D. Jansen (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- D. Wessels (Economics and Business)- V.U. Kesharie (Economics and Business)- B. Witter (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- L. Meily (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- N.D. Muller (Economics and Business)- T. Papasternos (Economics and Business)- T.H.F. Roks (Economics and Business)- R.C.J. Bos (Economics and Business)- D. Efthyvoulou (Economics and Business)- Z. Huang (Economics and Business)- D. Mici (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- K. Antoniadis (Economics and Business)- V.J.H. van der Vegte (Economics and Business)- D.F. Yaminova (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- D.V. Gena (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- W.N. de Jong (Economics and Business)- A. Serinkan (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- L.A. Nooitgedagt (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- N.J. Gianchandani (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- J.M.F. Heitkönig (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- R.M.R. Bekendam (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- M. van Vliet (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- J.C. Bos (Economics and Business)- P.A. Scheer (Economics and Business)- C.M. Henselmans (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- C.S. Lammers (Economics and Business)- G.M. Lotte (Economics and Business)- V. Verbeek (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- J.M. Blokland (Economics and Business)- M.V. Chiozzi Castro (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- E.J. Nijensteen (Fiscale Economie)- M.P.R. Baaij (Zorgmanagement)- P. Fraile Maqueda (Commercial Law)- H.W. Krijger (Maatschappijgeschiedenis)- S.Ç. Güngör (Geneeskunde)- T. Zhuzhunadze (Commercial Law)- F.A. Fajrianto (Commercial Law)- O.F. Celik (Commercial Law)- D.V. Stefanova (Commercial Law)- F. Lindhout (Financieel Recht)- P. Yin (Media & Business)- M. Manfredi (Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship)- E.L. Tlachi Sandoval (International and European Public Law)- F. Therapontos (Commercial Law)- M.J. Heutinck (Economics and Business)- Y.G.A. Brammerloo (Geneeskunde (master))- E.J. Marques (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- I.E.H. Ronckers (Geneeskunde (master))- B.J.I. Taal (Arbeidsrecht)- R.C.J. van de Haar (Geneeskunde (master))- T.C. Heil (Geneeskunde (master))- L.C. Groeneveldt (Geneeskunde (master))- R.M. van Waardhuizen (Geneeskunde (master))- I.A.L.P. van Beijsterveldt (Geneeskunde (master))- T.B.M. Dartee (Geneeskunde (master))- S.M. Bindraban (Geneeskunde (master))- E.F.A. Kokken (Geneeskunde (master))- D.M. de Keizer (Geneeskunde (master))- J. Hoffman (Geneeskunde (master))- A.M. van Rooijen (Geneeskunde (master))- P.S. Martosemito (Bedrijfsrecht)- J.N. Bachoe (Sociologie)- F. Smit (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- J.K.M. Platenburg (Bedrijfsrecht)- D.É. Kiss (Arts, Culture and Society)- G.G. Hamelijnck (Bedrijfsrecht)- R.L. Palm (Bedrijfsrecht)- M.N. Goedhart (Pedagogy and Education)- N. el Gharnatï (Pedagogy and Education)- N. Doğan (Pedagogy and Education)- L.R. Brunink (Arts, Culture and Society)- T. Krakers (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- A. de Bloeme (Criminologie)- M. Bloedjes (Bedrijfsrecht)- A.F.I. Derby (Bedrijfsrecht)- E.H.L. Bakker (Pedagogy and Education)- H.J. Goijen (Geneeskunde)- Z. Balci (Bedrijfsrecht)- H.J.J. Kerkkamp (Filosofie van een bepaald wetenschapsgeb)- I. Maaskant (Geneeskunde (master))- C.C. Zuijderhoudt (Geneeskunde (master))- M.R.R.S. Pahladsingh (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- M.C.G. Tjong Joe Wai (Geneeskunde (master))- A. Dereci (Geneeskunde (master))- R.S. Birbal (Geneeskunde (master))- L. Leijen (Media & Cultuur)- M.R.A.M. Oostrom (Bedrijfsrecht)- L.N. Moerkerken (Arts, Culture and Society)- B.N. Schleurholtz Boerma (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- I. van Berkel (Psychologie)- C.W. Walhout (Pedagogy and Education)- C.G.F. Mol (Pedagogy and Education)- N. van 't Wout (Pedagogy and Education)- W.B. van der Veen (Sociologie)- W.N. van Zanten (Sociologie)- Q.M.E. Korteling (Arts, Culture and Society)- D.F. van Rheenen (Sociologie)- L. Monteleone (Commercial Law)- M. Friedrich (International and European Public Law)- M.C. Boelee (Arts, Culture and Society)- R.A. Tsenova (Commercial Law)- P.S. Kwok (Bedrijfsrecht)- S. Demirci (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- S. Idrissi (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- R. Maanach (Public Administration)- H.A. Wolterink (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- N. Benaïssa (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- N. Kevlishvili (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- T.B. van Gorkom (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- S. Imazouine (Bedrijfsrecht)- H. Wielhouwer (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- I. Acharki (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- S.E.M. Koning (Arts, Culture and Society)- E.M.N. Franssen (Media & Business)- S. Shagiwal (Health Sciences (research))- M.E. Rolleman (Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship)- E.M. Legemate (Health Sciences (research))- E.E. de Vries (Health Sciences (research))- A. van der Spek (Health Sciences (research))- H.A. Lê (Commercial Law)- A.M. Gallegos Ortega (Geneeskunde)- J.A. van Hienen (Commercial Law)- P.T. Vinther (Geneeskunde (master))- W.H. Bosua (Filosofie)- S.M. Habib (Geneeskunde (master))- M. Gharsalli (Health Sciences (research))- C.F. Vroegindeweij (Geneeskunde (master))- D.S. de Kok (Geneeskunde (master))- C.Y. Broekman (Filosofie (research))- E.J. Nijensteen (Fiscale Economie)- K.F. van Meerten (Geneeskunde (master))-

‘Regulations for protecting knowledge institutions’

Monday, 31 August 2015

Regulations for protecting and enabling knowledge institutions. That was the call of Beatrice de Graaf, Professor at Utrecht University and Chair of the National Research Agenda (‘Nationale Wetenschapsagenda’), during the Opening of the Academic Year of Erasmus University Rotterdam on Monday, August 31st 2015. According to her, the diversity and richness of academic life are at stake now that Bildung at universities is increasingly troubled by the call for applied research.


Hanneke Takkenberg appointed Chief Diversity Officer

Friday, 28 August 2015

Professor Hanneke Takkenberg of Erasmus MC, recently appointed Chief Diversity Officer by Erasmus University Rotterdam’s Executive Board, has been tasked with ensuring a greater focus on diversity in the university’s education and research and in its workforce and student population. For the first time, there will be a university-wide diversity policy. The policy’s priorities will be gender balance and cultural diversity. 

Catalyst Lab: stimulating public discussion through digital media projects

Monday, 24 August 2015

Pioneering digital media projects that stimulate public discussion on wide-ranging social issues. These are the activities of Catalyst Lab, a new organization founded by Dr. Payal Arora from the Department of Media and Communication at the Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication (ESHCC). The goal is to bring public debate to life through creative social media strategies that entertain, educate and energize stakeholders to participate in discussions to inform and be informed.