Test Alumni

EUR congratulates the following graduates:

C. Ebling (Finance & Investments)- H. Stötefalke (Finance & Investments)- A. Gyekyewaa (Strategic Management)- S.E.P. Driessen (Supply Chain Management)- S.A.N. van der Leeden (Finance & Investments)- S. Marzouki (International Management)- B. Zoffoli (Finance & Investments)- L. Verkade (Supply Chain Management)- F. Haller (Strategic Management)- E.M. Agueci (Strategic Management)- E. Laarhuis (Organisational Change & Consulting)- E.A.M. Derks (Finance & Investments)- L. Knoop (Human Resource Management)- I.E. Slockers (Organisational Change & Consulting)- M. Pouwer (Business Administration)- M. Verleger (Finance & Investments)- M. Zaborowski (Business Information Management)- A.L. Lagerwaard (Business Information Management)- J. Lieste (Organisational Change & Consulting)- H. Chaabani (Business Information Management)- S.J. Nederhoff (Finance & Investments)- J. van de Boel (Strategic Management)- B. Feijs (Strategic Management)- J. Micenko (Finance & Investments)- S. Geerdink (Strategic Entrepreneurship)- E. Pellizzeri (Finance & Investments)- D. Erkens (Strategic Entrepreneurship)- Y.F.E. Claessens (Marketing Management)- D. Amen (Finance & Investments)- G. Gratzl (Strategic Management)- K.W. Gordon (Finance & Investments)- P. Káplár (Master in Management)- W.K. Janssen (Finance & Investments)- R. Chugh (International Management)- D.A. Bilgeri (International Management)- L. Lovrek (Finance & Investments)- A.D. Buchel (Strategic Management)- S.J. Hoogendoorn (International Management)- X.P.R. Bierkens (Economics and Business)- A. O'Keeffe (Economics and Business)- O. Dobromir (Economics and Business)- S. Frankl (Economics and Business)- L. Chatzidiakos (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- M.M. van Dijk (Economics and Business)- J.C.J. Hollebrandse (Economics and Business)- P. Novak (Economics and Business)- J.J.J. Visser (Economics and Business)- E. Barmpounis (Economics and Business)- J. Argandoña Riveiro (Econometrics and Management Science)- J. Tit (Econometrics and Management Science)- S. Arsanoglou (Accounting, Auditing and Control)- F.G.J. van Wingerden (Economics and Business)- I.H.A. Jongeneel (Economics and Business)- P. Kosterink (Economics and Business)- R.J. Steyvers (Econometrics and Management Science)- T. Smolders (Economics and Business)- O.C. Scholtes (Fiscale Economie)- D. Mawie (Rechtsgeleerdheid)- E.W. ter Meulen (Health Economics, Policy and Law)- B.K. Mulder (Geneeskunde (master))- S. Marzouki (International Management)- M. den Uil (Criminologie)- H. Stötefalke (Finance & Investments)- M.A. van der Steen (Public Information Management)- M.M. Plukhooij (Public Administration)- S.K. Ruyters (Public Administration)- W.A.J. Nuij (Public Administration)- Y. Godin (Zorgmanagement)- A.B. Bertling (Health Economics, Policy and Law)- R.A. Meulenbeld (Health Economics, Policy and Law)- A. Tsakouridou (Health Economics, Policy and Law)- S.M. Vogelaar (Public Administration)

Six new members Young Erasmus

Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Erasmus University Rotterdam has invited six new members to join Young Erasmus. The network of talented and young scientists now has 22 members.  

Leiden, Delft and Erasmus University Rotterdam open up minors to each other’s students

Monday, 20 April 2015

As of the next academic year, students at Leiden University, Delft University of Technology or Erasmus University Rotterdam will have access to the other institutions’ broadening minors. Minors are secondary specialisations that give students an opportunity to explore fields of study beyond the boundaries of their own degree programme or, conversely, deepen their insight in their own discipline.