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Erasmus University Rotterdam is a highly ranked, international research university, based in the dynamic and diverse city of Rotterdam. We integrate academic research with excellent, challenging and inspiring education. We offer a broad range of interesting Bachelor programmesMaster programmes and Executive programmes. Highly motivated and talented students have the possibility to participate in our Honours programmes.

Jason Stokker

‘We’ve learned to make something out of nothing’

Doing good work: Jason, Nariman en Sadaf

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Ea. 17: Verbonden: Karina en Cock Raaijmakers


Karina and Cock Raaijmakers both studied economics

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Our education programmes are varied and offer something for all different types of students, whether you are just starting your academic career or seeking tailor-made training for your professional development.

A distinguishing feature of the education provided by Erasmus University Rotterdam is the combination of academic training, international orientation and social relevance - education that is closely interwoven with excellent scientific research, in which the spotlight is on the student, and ICT occupies an important place.

You can expect Erasmus University Rotterdam to prepare you for a successful future.