Arts and Culture Studies

Bachelor of Arts (BA) and Culture Studies

Arts and culture are your passion, whether you listen mainly to house music or prefer to spend hours walking around a museum. A career behind the scenes of this multifaceted sector is your ambition. Then Bachelor of Arts in Arts and Culture Studies is your ideal ticket.

Why study International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies in Rotterdam?

You have a passion for arts and culture. You might not be an artist yourself, but you want to know what’s happening behind the scenes of the art sector and play an active role here after your studies. The International Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies is unique due to its many-sided approach to art and culture. Through sociological, economic and historic glasses, you study how art is produced by the maker. You then explore how this is offered by parties like theatres, museums and festivals and you naturally wish to know how it is appreciated by the audience. Against this background, you are able to analyse and influence the daily routines in the art world in a broader context.

Thomas Teekens

"I chose the Bachelor Arts and Culture Studies specifically in Rotterdam as it is the only study about the entire world behind arts and culture, and not only about arts and culture itself."