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Start demolition activities Library Building

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The large-scale renovation of the Library Building commenced in November. During the first months the Library Building’s asbestos is being removed and the building is being stripped down to its bare concrete and masonry. Overall demolition will commence during the next weeks; the interior walls will be broken down and the openings for the new voids will be realised. The facade activities will commence around February. 

Realization first void

This week the overall demolition starts in the Library Building. Wednesday 27 January the ground floors at the eastside of the Library Building (side G Building) will be broken down for the realization of a first void. These activities will continue for 1,5 week, until 6 February.

Noise nuisance

Until April overall demolition activities inside the Library Building will take place. This will all be audible around the Library Building and in the lecture- and study rooms in G and Theil Building.

The communication team of Campus under Construction will continue to closely monitor noise levels throughout the construction period and keep in touch with representatives of students and employees.

Drilling piles Sanders Building

Wednesday, 27 January 2016

The drastic Sanders Building operation commenced in October last year. During the first months Sanders Building was being stripped down to the bare concrete and the masonry. Also several roof recesses and voids have been created to bring sufficient light and connection between the different floors into the building. This week the constructor starts with the expansion of the low rise. 

Expansion education services   

The low rise of Sanders Building is being modernized and expanded with ca 180 study spaces and a moot court. For this expansion piles have to be drilled into the ground. This week, Thursday 28 January, the constructor will start with drilling these piles into the ground. These activities will continue for 1,5 week, until 6 February. Drilling these piles will cause hardly any noise on campus. 

Removing asbestos employee apartments

Thursday, 21 January 2016

At this moment the foundation of the employee apartments is being removed. During these activities asbestos has been identified under the roof. From Friday 22 January until Friday 5 February this asbestos will being removed. All the necessary precautions will being observed. 

Closing parking space P6 and path G - Library Building

Friday, 16 October 2015

Next week, the renovation of the Library Building will be visible on campus with the creation of the building site. Next Monday 19 October, the Library Building, parking space P6 - on the north side of the campus side Kralingse Zoom - and the path between G and Library Building will be created as building site. The renovation takes place in the Library Building itself. Parking space P6 and the path between G and Library Building will be used for the location of building chains, storage building materials, transportation, drainage, ... As of Monday 19 October parking space P6 and the path between G and Library Building will be closed. This weekend, the statue of Erasmus will be moved to the entrance of Erasmus Building side Burgemeester Oudlaan. After the renovation in February 2017 Erasmus will move to his definite place in Park North, this park will be realized in 2016 on parking space P5. After the renovation, parking space P6 will also be redesigned into a park and will join Park North.