Minors at Erasmus University Rotterdam

Placement & second application period

For students that missed the first application period or have not been placed the second application period starts Wednesday the 9th of July at 9.00 AM. Some of the minors have been cancelled or are already full. Check the admissions matrix to see which minors are still open for application. The second application round closes at the 30th of July. 

One of the options still open is the minor Responsible Innovation.The minor is offered in partnership with Delft University of Technology and Leiden University. 

Minor is more

A minor is more. A minor is a fun way to expand your knowledge and skills. You can easily get acquainted with courses that are offered at other faculties, or you can deepen the knowledge of your own field at your own faculty. All third-year Bachelor students are required to take a minor as a mandatory part of their studies.

Period & scope

The new minor period runs from September 1 up to and including November 7, 2014 (including the final exams). After you have completed the entire minor, you will have earned 15 ECTS (*).

* ESE students can follow a 12 ECTS minor within their own faculty. 

Watch the video.

Minor video