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Increase your international opportunities: develop your language skills!
Are you ambitious? Are you planning to go on an international exchange? Do you envisage an international career after you graduate? Taking a language course at the Language & Training Centre (LTC) will help you to be well-prepared for the challenges you will face. Learning a new language will allow you to take part in lectures and tutorials at a university abroad, give a presentation to fellow students, and have a chat after class in a bar, bodega or trattoria. So go ahead and sign up for a language course at the LTC!

Excellent value for money
Taking an LTC language course means:

  • Being taught by a native speaker
  • Focusing on all four skills (speaking, listening, reading and writing)
  • Working according to the levels of the Common European Framework of Reference
  • Being awarded a certificate if your grade is a 5.5 or above

Evening classes
These courses:

  • start three times a year (October, January and April)
  • consist of ten lessons (one per week) with a final exam
  • are held on the Woudestein Campus or at ErasmusMC
  • take place from 5pm until 8pm (higher levels of Spanish until 9pm)

Intensive courses
If you would like to learn a great deal in a short period of time, then an intensive course may be just what you’re looking for! An intensive course last just two or three weeks (depeding on the language) but covers material that would normally take one or two standard evening courses to learn. Intensive courses are offered in:

  • Dutch (August)
  • English (August)
  • Spanish (August)

English for ‘special purposes’
Alongside English language courses focusing on general language skills, we also offer a few more specific courses: Academic Writing and Business Writing Skills.

The Academic Writing course will teach you everything there is to know about writing academic texts, while the Business Writing Skills course focuses on business writing skills.

Would you like to find out more? See the list of courses for each language on the left.

A successful career starts with excellent language skills. Register now - there are only a limited number of places available!

Special offer
If you register for a fourth language course at the Language & Training Centre, you are eligible to participate in the course with a 20% discount on the course fee. The condition is that it is your fourth language course since January 2011. After the course has started, the 20% discount will be transferred to your bank account. To be registered for the special offer, you have to send an email (before the enrolment deadline) to with your (Dutch) bank account number and the corresponding post address. Don’t forget to mention that this is your fourth course and that you would like to receive the 20% discount. Please note: this offer only applies to the language courses that are offered by the LTC. You will still need to follow the regular enrolment and payment procedure for the course!

Schedule academic year language courses 2016-2017


Enrolment deadline

Course period

Course period 1

Tuesday 13 September 2016, 13.00 hrs.

26 September - 1 December 2016

Course period 2

Tuesday 6 December 2016, 13.00 hrs.

9 January - 16 March 2017

Course period 3

Monday 21 March 2017,

13.00 hrs.

3 April - 15 June 2017

Course period 4

 To be announced

 To be announced

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