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What will you learn during the Dutch Sign Language workshop?

The Dutch Sign Language workshop consists of a meeting of 1.5 hours. During this workshop you will learn the basics of Dutch Sign Language, with an emphasis on everyday situations. Topics covered include, for example:

  • introduce yourself;
  • greeting and saying goodbye to people;
  • different types of food and drinks;
  • occupations;
  • hobbies.

Furthermore, the history of sign language, the difference between Dutch Sign Language (NGT) and Dutch supported with sign language (NmG) and the different structures and grammar will also be included in more detail.

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It was a fun and interactive workshop, where some basic knowledge about sign language was given, but also a number of basic signs were quickly learned. The form and structure of the workshop immediately took me into the world of sign language!

Course information

Registration deadline4 October 2023
Duration1,5 uur
Support languageThis workshop is given in Dutch and Dutch sign language.

Participation in the workshop is € 15,-.

Accessible to students, employees and external parties.

GroupsA minimum of 10 students and a maximum of 20. In case of too few registrations, the LTC reserves the right to cancel the workshop. If a workshop is canceled due to too few registrations, you will be informed about this and you will be contacted about a refund.
Important to know
  • This workshop is open to students with an academic background (hbo/wo).
  • You will receive proof of participation in the workshop.
Terms & conditionsBy registering for this course you agree to our requirements and general terms and conditions. For questions, check out our FAQ pagina


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