Growth of Happiness research

Empirical research on happiness has grown exponentially since the 1970s. Some 15.000 research reports have been published and another 800 become available each year. It is becoming increasingly difficult to oversee this rich information. EHERO specializes in keeping an overview.

Research Synthesis

Research synthesis techniques help us to take advantage of this rich information. Research synthesis involves qualitative literature reviews and quantitative meta-analysis, which are both provided by EHERO. Application of these techniques requires preliminary selection of research findings and a comparable description of these. 

World Database of Happiness

The World Database of Happiness is an ‘finding archive’. It consists of standardized descriptions of research findings; findings on how happy people are in particular places and times (distributional findings) and findings on things that go together with more or less happiness (correlational findings). To date (2020) the database contains some 38.000 research results. This collection can be browsed in several ways, such as on population, method and topic. The database is maintained by EHERO.

Focussed reviews of happiness research

Using the World Database of Happiness EHERO makes overviews of the available knowledge on happiness in particular fields (such as consumption) or particular populations (such as the elderly). Reviews are updated periodically so that stakeholders get a clear view of what is known and not yet known about happiness in their field.

Sponsor review of happiness research in your field

EHERO alone cannot handle the growing stream of research findings on happiness and therefore seeks the support of parties interested in being informed about happiness in their field. Support can consist of one-time commissioned review studies, but EHERO prefers longer partnerships with sponsors, in the context of which the World Database of Happiness is continuously updated on a particular topic and review studies are made periodically. 

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