Minor: Economics of Well-Being


Minor Economics of Well-Being

This interdisciplinary course for Bachelor-3 students connects economics and other social sciences with its ultimate purpose: understanding and increasing people’s well-being. The central question in this minor is how to improve people’s well-being in various contexts (in personal life, at work, at the macro level). This course provides future economists, policy-makers, business leaders, human resources specialists, psychologists, and related profesions with fundamental expertise in a world where human well-being is increasingly relevant in organizational and public policies. The 15 ECTS course is divided in five modules:

Module 1: Well-being: An introduction
Module 2: Empirical analyses of well-being
Module 3: Work and well-being
Module 4: Health and well-being
Module 5: Society and well-being

The minor is coordinated by dr. Martijn Hendriks. More detailed information about this minor is available here.


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