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Illustration on EUR's themes: equity, sustainable solutions and entrepreneurship.

EUR in Focus is the online magazine of Erasmus University Rotterdam. Discover our latest stories in education and research. And dive into our three focus areas:

Equal opportunities

Opportunities are not evenly distributed in the world. How do we improve this?

A person stands at the market with two bags of peppers in his hands.

Sustainable solutions

With education and research, we as a university are making a difference around sustainability.

A woman walks her dog through the park.


Not everyone needs to become an entrepreneur. But entrepreneurial skills are often useful.

A boat full of containers on the Maas.

Our latest stories

Within the themes, several stories can be found on our platform. Take a look below and click through to find out more.

From backpack to all AH stores: RSM alumnus brews own drink

After studying at RSM, Lars van Kranenburg focused entirely on his business. Now, two years later, his drink Mojo Maté is on sale in all AH stores in The Netherlands.

The success story of Mojo Maté
Alumni Lars van Kranenbrug, founder of Mojo Maté, posing with his business partner

Job application process needs a shake-up at many employers

Research by our work psychologist Janice Odijk shows that the application process of many employers has to change drastically in order to create equal opportunities.

What changes need to be made
Janice Odijk at Studio Erasmus

Does your post code determine your chances in life?

Scroll through the story and get the answer

Already in the cradle at a disadvantage

Your chance of buying a house, your chance of having a good income and your chance of getting a particular job is already largely fixed at birth.

Student takes photo of cube houses in Rotterdam.

As it turns out, the place where you were born plays a big role in this.

Foto van de markthal

Difference of thousands of euros

Two young families have the same income. One family lives in Blijdorp. Another family in Oud-Crooswijk. The children of the family from Blijdorp turn out years later as thirty-somethings to earn on average thousands of euros more per year.

Twee studenten die samen fietsen

Inequality quickly apparent after birth

Data show that babies born to lower-income families have a higher BMI than their wealthier peers as early as four months.

All this information can be found in the 'KansenKaart'

It is an interactive website that provides insight into the opportunities of Dutch people in terms of income, education and health.

Economist Ravesteijn explains how the tool works
Rotterdam op

Launching a startup in times of crisis. Is that even sensible?

"That period invites us to be innovative." said Professor Vareska van der Vrande. For students in particular, this provides great opportunities.

Discover Vareska's story
People walk through the Koopgoot in Rotterdam.
Hospital bed full of hospital appliances

This is how Erasmus MC becomes a circular hospital

Seven bin bags of waste per intensive care patient per day. And that is only a fraction of a hospital's environmental impact. Circularity is the answer. But how do you achieve that without compromising the quality of healthcare? Erasmus MC researcher Nicole Hunfeld thinks it can be done.

Read how it's done here

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