Our mission & approach

Our mission is to contribute to greater happiness of a greater number of people. EHERO does this by providing evidence based knowledge about happiness, with the aim of promoting better informed choices throughout society, be it at the level of governments, organizations or individuals. EHERO builds on facts and does not advocate particular ways to greater happiness. 

EHERO provides knowledge in three ways, by:

1. Gathering existing knowledge

Empirical research on happiness has grown exponentially since the 1970s. Some 18.000 research reports have been published and another 800 become available each year. It is becoming increasingly difficult to oversee this rich information. EHERO specializes in keeping an overview by research synthesis techniques using its World Database of Happiness. This 'finding archive' contains some 38.000 results of empirical happiness research, described on e-pages in a standard format and terminology. 

2. Developing new knowledge 

EHERO also adds to knowledge about happiness by doing novel research, with a focus on under-researched topics and on new methods. Examples of research topics and projects are happiness at work, macro-economy and happiness (e.g. effects of recession on happiness), local happiness and our Happiness Indicator: a long-term study on the effects of life-choices on happiness. The Dutch version is known as de GeluksWijzer.

3. Sharing knowledge

To promote better informed choices throughout society, EHERO shares the available knowledge on happiness in various ways. For example, by providing research projects and advice (e.g. strategies for creating greater happiness in organizations), education (e.g. masterclasses and University teaching), and public enlightenment, like media interviews and lectures.


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