Education Gallery

A gallery for the best teachers of the year

'Every day, Erasmus MC faculty members dedicate themselves to provide the best possible education for our students. Education is a core task of Erasmus MC and is important to shape the healthcare of today and of the future: we train the doctors and biomedical scientists of the future.

This gallery showcases Teachers of the Year, honoring efforts of all Erasmus MC teachers to achieve Erasmus MC's mission: Erasmus MC stands for a healthy population and excellent care through research and education.'

– prof.dr. Maarten Frens vide dean of education

Each study association of the academic programs of Medicine, Nanobiology and Clinical Engineering, organize an election for the best teacher of the year. Students vote for the teather who makes a special commitment to education. That person wears the title "Best Teacher of the Year" for a year. The best teacher are also awarded a place in the Education Gallery for 3 years.

Best teachers of the year 


dr. Renske Los - Technical Medicine

Students describe Renske Los as a passionate, creative and thoughtful lecturer in the Clinical Technology program. Her lectures are interactive and she tries to involve all her students in the lecture. Renske knows how to keep students engaged by the way she talks about her field, even when students do not find the material interesting. She does this with great enthusiasm and a good sense of humor. Students find Renske flexible and thoughtful and appreciate her positive and constructive feedback.

Renske - Love your data! Joyce Lebbink - Nanobiology 

Joyce Lebbink is a lecturer in both the undergraduate and graduate program in Nanobiology. She always involves her students in the lectures and likes to adjust her lessons based on student feedback. She is also always very enthusiastic about the topics she covers, according to students. 'She is a good presenter and knows how to explain complex biological systems in a clear way.' 

Joyce - Let your fascination guide you!

dr. Gijs Elshout - Medicine

Students know Gijs Elshout from the Clinical Reasoning course. Students describe Gijs as a good, valued teacher.  He actively involves students in classes and also helps students prepare for integration tests. With his involvement in the new undergraduate course Erasmus Physician 2030, students expect that he will also have a great impact on future students. Gijs is a committed teacher who thinks along from the student perspective and is always ready to help students.  

Gijs - Education flourishes thanks to equality, enthusiasm and trust.

Best lecturers of the year 2021-2022

Drs. Laura Graven - Best Lecturer in Clinical Technology

'Laura takes students into the clinical world of nuclear medicine in a fun way. Her own enthusiasm about Clinical Technology is tremendously motivating. Her lectures are interactive, making it easy to stay on task.'

Laura: "The possibilities are endless!

Dr. Hegias Mira Bontenbal - Best Lecturer in Nanobiology

'Hegias is interested in students' opinions and adjusts his lectures based on their feedback. Students can always come to him with questions. His lectures are well structured and he applies multiple teaching methods. He is enthusiastic and passionate about his field.'

Hegias: 'Be curious to understand'  

Dr. Wilfred de Koning - Best Lecturer in Medicine

'Wilfred is very involved with the students and especially the PKV teaching student team. For example, he reserved tickets for the entire student team to see the MFVR musical because one of the students played in it. Next year will be the last before his retirement. But he has already said to stay working in education after that. The students can't say goodbye to him for a long time yet. So they encourage this wholeheartedly!

Wilfred: 'Caring for each other from a big heart'

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