Cultural Economics and Entrepreneurship

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ERMeCC Research Theme

Within this theme we conduct research on a wide variety of topics dealing with the economic and entrepreneurial dimensions of the cultural (e.g. visual arts, performing arts, music and video games) and creative industries (e.g. fashion and design). Our approach is interdisciplinary and examines of the effects of economic, cultural, societal and technological changes in the ways cultural and creative goods and services are produced, distributed and consumed. We contemplate recent processes that are fundamentally changing the worlds of art and culture. We focus in particular on emerging economic, financial, organisational and entrepreneurial aspects in the cultural and creative industries. Thus, when it concerns the value of artworks, the researchers in the programme are interested not just in how value is realized, but equally how this relates to the determination of prices and how entrepreneurs adapt to changing environments. Specific research areas include the development of art markets, innovation and copyright, fashion, cultural policies, economic geography, cultural entrepreneurship, economic history of the arts and artists’ labour markets.


ERMeCC researchers focus on the following subjects:

  • Art markets (Vermeylen, Chang, Dekker, De Strooper)
  • Innovation, copyright and technological change in the recorded music industry (Handke)
  • Cultural intermediaries (Vermeylen & Lavanga)
  • Artists labour market and career development (Lavanga, Loots, Wijngaarden)
  • History of economics thought, processes of valuation and evaluation (Dekker)
  • (Temporary) clusters (Lavanga)
  • Cultural and creative entrepreneurship (Lavanga, Loots, Bhansing)
  • Cultural management and leadership (Loots, Bhansing)
  • Cultural policies (Lavanga, Loots,Mignosa).
  • Values of culture, financing of the arts (Klamer)
  • Economics of cultural heritage (Mignosa) and digital heritage (Navarrete).
  • Crowdfunding (Dalla Chiesa).
  • Economics of tourism (Mignosa, Nieuwland)
  • Sustainability and circular urban economies (Brandellero, Lavanga, Loots, Nieuwland)

The research in this cluster is closely connected with current projects in the EUR-wide Vital Cities and Citizens research initiative, notably

Projects (selection)

Listed below is a selection of recent ERMeCC research projects in this area.

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