Minors at Erasmus University Rotterdam

At Erasmus University Rotterdam you follow your minor during your third Bachelor year. Would you like to specialize within your own field of expertise? Select a minor offered by your own faculty or study program. Would you like to broaden your academic knowledge? Have a look at minors offered by other faculties. Wish to expand your horizon even further? As of 2014, Erasmus University Rotterdam, TU Delft and Leiden University have opened up their minors to each others students. 

Whichever choice you make, by taking a minor you add your own flavor to your academic education.

EUR minor period

At Erasmus University Rotterdam, all minors are offered during the first 10 weeks of the academic year (including final exams). For 2019-2020, this means all minor education takes place between 2 September up to and including 8 November 2019. Minors at EUR are generally 15 ECTS.

Application for a minor

From 1 April till 15 April 2019 you can apply for the selection minors. At the EUR we offer two selection minors; Educatieve Minor Economie and Educatieve Minor Geschiedenis. Check the Minor Overview for more information.

This year application for the minors will be on a First Come First Serve base. When the application period opens you can directly register yourself for the minor of your choice. Note; when a minor is full, you can no longer register yourself for that minor.

Click here for more information about the application. Click here for the Minor Admissions Matrix, to check whether you are admissible for the minor of your choice.


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