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If you want to broaden your horizon, come into contact with different cultures and, basically, have a great time: go on an exchange abroad!

Whether you are a student hoping to study at Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR) or a current EUR student planning to go abroad, the possibilities are endless. Take your pick above: are you coming to Rotterdam, or going abroad?

If you're just looking for some inspiration first, then read the experiences below of students who already went for their exchange.

The whole experience is something I will never forget.
went to Singapore
Read more about Lourents - study exchange to Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
I don’t think I've had any scary experiences since I got here.
went to Rotterdam
Read more about Paulina - study exchange to Erasmus University Rotterdam, the Netherlands

Frequently Asked Questions

  • During your studies, exchange is a once (or maybe twice) in a lifetime opportunity that will not open up again later in your life in the same way.

    Being a student on exchange really lets you explore new cultures from a completely different perspective. You will meet lots of other exchange students from all over the world, make local friends and by the end of your exchange you maybe even have a home away from home. Our students recommend to just make sure you go on exchange and enjoy it to the fullest

  • Most often you're able to go on exchange in the third year of your bachelor programme, but please:

    • Students coming to EUR: check with the exchange coordinator of your home university
    • EUR students going abroad: check with your faculty

    They can provide you with more detailed information on this matter, as the exchange possibilities might differ per faculty and programme.

  • As a first step, always contact the exchange coordinator of your faculty to discuss the options and to start the application procedure.

    • Students coming to EUR: check with the exchange coordinator of your home university.
    • EUR students going abroad: check with your faculty.
  • In principle, no. Everything is well arranged in the exchange programmes. Make sure to familiarise yourself with this before your departure though, as sometimes you're obliged to take certain pre-departure courses before leaving which might take extra time.