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Campus Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam

Academic year 2023-2024

The academic year is divided into four terms. The course descriptions can be found in the Course catalogue. Via these course descriptions you can also find the dates of the lectures and exams.

Course offer

More information on the content of the course can be found by searching for the course on the basis of the course code in the Erasmus Course catalogue.

For History students, the Electives mentioned on this website can be incorporated into your elective space without prior permission from the ESHCC Examination Board:

Electives from the History department: 2023-2024 in Term 2

World Politics after EmpireCH22217,5 EC
Urban History: Rotterdam in a Global PerspectiveCH22117,5 EC
Doing History in the Digital EraCH22257,5 EC

Electives from the History department: 2023-2024 in Term 4

Representing War in Popular Historical CultureCH22107,5 EC
Epidemic Disease, Famine and DevelopmentCH22227,5 EC
Migration and Food HistoryCH22267,5 EC

If you are a History student, you can submit your preferences in the via the Osiris Studyplan. 

If you are a student from another programme, please submit your application via the online form



  • Timetable conflicts: make sure you check the timetable for the elective to see if it does not have any overlap with the schedules of your other courses.
  • Students are welcome to select any of the above-mentioned courses.
  • Erasmus University Rotterdam does not have an add/drop week. 
  • Courses will be assigned on a first come, first serve basis - through the course registration form.
  • Priority will be given to History (exchange) students.


Choose the option that applies to you and read more about the registration for the ESHCC's electives.

I am studying at...

Registration to our courses goes through OSIRIS > Case. During the specific course registration periods (see timeline below), you will be able to fill out your course preferences and submit your form there. Remember to disable your popup blocker.


Course periodRegistration period (Dutch time)
Term 1 & Term 21 August (11AM) - 8 August (11AM)
Term 3 & Term 44 December (11AM) - 11 December (11AM)

Procedure (read and follow carefully!)

As soon as the registration period opens, you will be able to fill out a form on OSIRIS by going to OSIRIS > Case > Start new case > ESHCC History Studyplan / Course Registrations. In this form you will be asked to indicate how many courses you want to take, and to rank your course interests. If you pick the same course multiple times, your Studyplan will be moved the bottom of the list. Make sure you carefully check the schedules of your course interests to make sure they don’t overlap with each other or with other courses you’re taking. The procedure is first come, first serve.

N.B: We urge you to not use multiple devices simultaneously to access Osiris as it will strain the system and cause technical issues or crashes!

A few days after the deadline has passed, you will receive an email with the course(s) that has been assigned to you. Please be patient; we work as fast as we can to get you your courses.

If a course has multiple groups, you will be placed in a group automatically. You will receive instructions for how to switch to a different group. However, we cannot guarantee that there is room to move to another group.

Course periodWorkgroup Switch Period (Opens and closes at 15:00 Dutch time)
Term 121-23 August 2023
Term 230 October-1 November 2023
Term 322-24 January 2024
Term 41-3 April 2023

If you changed your mind about your courses after getting them assigned, you can drop courses by sending an e-mail to historystudents@eshcc.eur.nl. However, you cannot change them to other courses. To add courses, you need to follow the Late Registration Procedure.

If you have missed the deadline for course registrations, you can still join Late Registrations, which takes place in specific periods. 

This procedure is handled by the faculty's Education Office, located at Van der Goot Building, M7.

During the Late Registration Period you can visit them at the desk at Van Der Goot Building M7-31. Before visiting make sure you have prepared a list of courses you are interested in. As courses may already be full, make sure you have a list of back-up courses! You can only do this within the dates and timeslots indicated below! Outside of those hours Late Registrations are not possible. Email requests are not processed.

Please note that the procedure is first come, first serve, and that Late Registrations are an exception for those who miss the original deadline. Missing Late Registrations means no access to History's courses - we can't make exceptions to exceptions. Thank you for your understanding.

Course periodLate Registration Period (between 9:00-11:00 AM)
Term 123 August 2023
Term 21 November 2023
Term 324 January 2024
Term 43 April 2023

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