Contemporary Global Issues Roundtable: Approaches to Inequality

Thursday 13 Oct 2022, 16:00 - 20:00

Van der Goot Buidling Room M1-19 (Athene), Campus Woudestein, Erasmus University Rotterdam

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This roundtable will also be available in hybrid format. To sign up to receive the link, visit:

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: A bottle of wine with the word profit written on it pouring wine into a tower of glasses, but being diverted through a tube into a bottle with the words off short account written on it.
Daniel Paz, ‘Trickle Down Economics’, 2015.

The ESHCC roundtable series ‘Contemporary Global Issues’ presents its first event of the 2022-3 academic year on the theme ‘Approaches to Inequality’.

Research into inequality has taken off in recent years with an increasingly diverse set of approaches to the subject. Inequality can be tangibly defined and measured as changes and differences in distribution of incomes and wealth, both within and between communities and societies. It can also be more fluid and flexible and revolve around less quantifiable aspects such as “freedoms” and “rights” and intersect with other forms of marginalization down the lines of gender, race, and sexuality, and more.

Furthermore, not all inequality is perceived by societies, and sometimes there can be various “narratives” or “representation”. In this roundtable, we discuss what we believe our approach offers regarding unravelling either the causes or consequences of inequalities, and to what extent our approaches can prove complimentary in the future.

Our panellists include colleagues from ESHCC working on a diverse range of themes and case studies.

  • Isabel Awad – ‘Can representations make a difference? Good intentions are not enough’.
  • Pauwke Berkers – ‘The Art of Inequality: Towards Equity in the Cultural and Creative Industries’.
  • Daniel Curtis – ‘Inequality: What can historical approaches contribute?’
  • Giulia Evolvi – ‘The internet between Islam influencers and Islamophobia’.
  • Additional ESHCC panelist, to be confirmed.

After the conclusion of the roundtable and discussion, light refreshments will be served and all are invited to continue the discussion.

Practical information

The event will take place in: Van der Goot Building Room M1-19 (Athene), Campus Woudestein, Erasmus University Rotterdam.

This roundtable will also be available in hybrid format. To sign up to receive the link, visit:

For any questions or queries, please contact:

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