PhD Defense Aniek Smit: 'The expat and the city. The Hague and Jakarta, 1945-2015'

Start date

Thursday 25 Jan 2018, 13:45

End date

Thursday 25 Jan 2018, 14:30

Academiegebouw, Universiteit Leiden
KB (Geheugen van Nederland)

Aniek Smit, lecturer at the History department, will defend her PhD thesis at Leiden University on January 25th. Her dissertation is entitled 'The expat and the city. The Hague and Jakarta, 1945-2015'.

Smit's research shows that post-war and postcolonial periods are characterised by the emergence of a new generation of expats, with very diverse profiles regarding nationality, social backgrounds, professions, careers and private situations. 

Consequently, national governments are no longer the only to concern themselves with the housing of expats: companies, international organisations and urban governments are involved as well.

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