A Roundtable on the Values and Ecosystem of Craft and Design
institutional embeddedness, evolution of practices and policy framework

A Roundtable on the Values and Ecosystem of Craft and Design

Start date

Saturday, 31 Aug 2019, 11:00

End date

Saturday, 31 Aug 2019, 12:30

Erasmus University Rotterdam (EUR), Polak building 1-17 (first floor, room 17)
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The roundtable is part of the 23rd European Business History Association (EBHA) Annual Congress 2019 – The Business of Creativity

Crafts and craftsmanship have traditionally been identified with objects and skills related to a specific culture and representing its habits, traditions, and folklore. In Western countries, this has put crafts in a somewhat ancillary position with respect to the arts. However, in recent years a renewed interest towards this sector can be witnessed. A third wave of crafts is now taking place (Miller, 2017) and development policies focus on crafts as a tool to boost human talent, stimulate innovation, and strengthen identities. An international comparison of the sector, which looked at Japan, Germany, China, Italy and India (Klamer et al. 2012 & 2013), made clear that crafts potentially constitutes a relevant cultural economic activity, but also that there is significant variety in how crafts are institutionally embedded.

The roundtable aims at showing the values of craftsmanship in contributing to the economy and stimulating critically reflexive consumption and resilient economies. Craft as a sector can play an important role in local development policies, and for social innovation. The idea is that a crafts culture (Klamer 2019) is necessary for the sector to thrive. The roundtable brings together cultural and creative industries scholars, the Crafts Council Nederland, master craftsmen and the Abadir - Accademia di Arte e Design (Catania, IT). This roundtable will provide an illustration of the state of the arts of crafts research as well suggestions for future research, education and policy development.


Dr. Mariangela Lavanga, EUR (Lavanga@eshcc.eur.nl)
Dr. Ellen Loots, EUR (Loots@eshcc.eur.nl)
Dr. Anna Mignosa, EUR and University of Catania (Mignosa@eshcc.eur.nl)
Marion Poortvliet, Crafts Council Nederland (marion@craftscouncil.nl)

Major Contributors

Mariangela Lavanga (EUR), Ellen Loots (EUR), Anna Mignosa (EUR and University of Catania), Marion Poortvliet (Crafts Council Nederland), Christine Jetten (Studio Christine Jetten), Frans Ottink (Studio Zand), Lucia Giuliano (Abadir, Accademia di Design e Arti Visive, Catania), Joline d' Arnaud Van Boeckholtz (EUR and Crafts Council Nederland), Rosa Goodman (Crafts Council Nederland), Martha Tian (EUR and Crafts Council Nederland), Arjo Klamer (EUR)

The roundtable is organised with the kind support of the Crafts Council Nederland, the EBHA conference and Vital Cities and Citizens (Erasmus Initiative)