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Regulations and requests regarding exams

Examination Board

The Examination Board adopts rules for tests and exams and monitors the quality assurance for tests and exams. Furthermore, when it is necessary for a student, the Examination Board has the authority to determine an arrangement that differs from the teaching and examination regulations.

In addition the Examination Board is responsible for the implementation of the Colloquium Doctum, the appointment of examiners, the binding study advice and the admission to the Master's degree programmes.


  • Portrait of Julia Kneer

    Dr. J. Kneer


    Media & Communication

  • Portrait of Chris Nierstrasz

    Dr. C. Nierstrasz

    Vice chair


  • Portrait of Tina van der Vlies

    Dr. J.C. van der Vlies


  • Portrait of Jay Lee

    Dr. J.S. Lee

    Media & Communication

  • Portrait of Laura Braden

    Dr. L.E. Braden

    Arts & Culture

  • Portrait of Trilce Navarrete Hernandez

    Dr. T. Navarrete-Hernandez

    Arts & Culture

  • Blauw vierkant bij ontbreken van een portretfoto

    A. Kortekaas MSc LLM

    Official Secretary

    Faculty office

  • Portrait of Corinne Verel-Zaaijer

    Mr. C.J.M. Verel


    Faculty office

  • Blauw vierkant bij ontbreken van een portretfoto

    C.G. Luyk


Contact the Examination Board

Email address
010 408 25 01
Van der Goot
Postbus 1738
3000 DR

Individual requests
Students who have an individual request, should submit the form in Osiris Zaak. More information can be found on MyEUR, on the pages of the Examination Board.

Questions about the admission to a particular (pre-)Master or Bachelor programme
Information about the admission requirements and procedure can be found on the website of the study programme.

Questions about a particular study programme
Student advisor