Faculty Council

What is the Faculty Council?

The Faculty Council is the ESHCC’s representative participatory body. The Faculty Council discusses the general running affairs of the school with the dean. In addition, the dean informs the council about any policies that he carries out, policy proposals that concern teaching and research, and policy proposals in the field of finances and organisation.

Alongside its general advisory competence, the Faculty Council has a specific approval competency with respect to determining and modifying the Faculty regulations and part of the Teaching and Examinations Regulations (TER).

When/why should I contact the Faculty Council?

The Faculty Council welcomes ideas, feedback, requests, concerns, complaints and questions from those we represent: from student and staff members of ESHCC. You may contact the council, anonymously or not, through the secretary or through one of its members, to, for example:

  • inquire about the Faculty’s existing or new norms and policies;
  • suggest issues that the council should include in its agenda;
  • comment on the advice that the Council is working on or has produced;
  • complain about the Council (and hopefully suggest ways in which we can do better).

Please keep in mind as well that the Council’s meetings are open. Feel free to join (even if you cannot attend the whole meeting).

How can I join the Faculty Council?

Students run for a total of one (academic) year, and personnel for a total of two years. Both are selected through elections in which all students and staff from the ESHCC can vote. These elections take place at the end of each academic years. Read more about the elections.

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