Article of ESHCC Alumni published in Diggit Magazine

Ulisses Sawczuk da Silva, recent graduate of the Media, Cultural and Society MA program in the Media & Communication department, publishes a timely discussion of the recent presidential campaign in Brazil in Diggit Magazine.

While social media have provided J. Bolsonaro a platform to communicate with his electorate, Sawczuk da Silva argues this performance cannot be easily divorced from the coverage this candidate has received on legacy media. Avoiding a simplistic view of the role of social media in electoral campaigns, Sawczuk da Silva focuses on the hybrid media system in Brazil. "Furthermore, the politician and his marketeers have been competent in exploring the candidate’s personal traits, successfully portraying him as an (anti-) hero – a mythical image which is reinforced by the coverage given to the former army captain by traditional media outlets".

The paper has been developed for CM4493 - New Media, Politics and Campaigns. Diggit magazine is a journal of the Department of Cultural Studies at Tilburg University.

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