CultSense publishes first academic paper: ‘Why call it tourist season if we can’t shoot them?’


CultSense has published their first academic paper: ‘“Why call it tourist season if we can't shoot them?” Towards the Utopian sensitized tourist’ by dr. Lénia Marques. The paper is available for everyone.

The paper reflects the need for initiatives, projects and movements that aim to build more sustainable tourism interactions between hosts and visitors, based on respect and openness. The paper includes a sense of cultural sensitivity and an understanding of how to relate this concept to education.

Portrait of Lenia Marques


This paper argues for increased awareness of local cultures through an educational approach, as it is explored in the CultSense project. The tourist experience is a multi-layered phenomenon moderated by a dynamic relationship with the places visited and local populations. A holistic approach to tourism tensions and challenges, as well as a more pro-active attitude from all stakeholders involved are important in finding strategic solutions. The project proposes an alternative approach, developing bottom-up initiatives that give a voice to local actors and develop global intercultural awareness for (young) travellers. The dissemination of methodological and pedagogical tools by third parties should add to the body of knowledge around sensitized forms of tourism, stimulating non-demeaning and non-patronising attitudes achieved through a grassroots approach.

More information

Read the full academic paper.
More updates about CultSense's activities can be found in their newest CultSense Insights issue.
Contact person CultSense: Lenia Marques
For more information about CultSense, visit their website.

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