Dr. Daniel Trottier, Rashid Gabdulhakov, and Qian Huang Present their Research in Russia

At the 7th international conference on Comparative Media Studies in Today’s World held by St. Petersburg State University, Dr. Daniel Trottier and PhD candidates Rashid Gabdulhakov and Qian Huang presented in the panel on Informing the Court of Public Opinion Through Mediated Scrutiny, Nationalism, and Denunciation.

The Panel

The presented research is part of the ongoing NWO-supported project on digital vigilantism. During the panel, Dr Daniel Trottier addressed both the routinisation and the disputed legitimacy of public scrutiny and denunciations in the Anglo-American and Dutch contexts. Rashid Gabdulhakov elaborated on the role of traditional media in rendering meaning to public denunciation through the framing of targets, participants, and other actors in the Russian context. In addition, he presented a paper in the panel on Social Problems and Communication, where he addressed the impact of digital vigilantism on Central Asia labour migrants in Russia. Qian Huang spotlighted the role of nationalism in the process of mediated denunciation and exposure to the new court of public opinion in China, as well as the consequences of such exposure when an array of actors gets involved in the process of public scrutiny.

Russia Trip - Trottier, Gabdulhakov, Huang (1)
Photo credit: Sabina Nadzhafova

Additional Activities

Beyond the activities scheduled as part of the conference, the team engaged in the active valorisation of their research and established contacts with local scholars and internet researchers working both in St. Petersburg and in Moscow. A separate presentation was held at the Department of Political Science of St. Petersburg State University where the team had the chance to exchange cases and discuss conceptual approaches from the media perspective with colleagues working on the similar topics within the realm of political science. It is hoped that these valuable contacts and conversations will lead to concrete collaborative projects, academic exchanges, and long-term partnerships. In fact, Rashid Gabdulhakov is already in the process of establishing a Research Fellowship at St. Petersburg State University during which he plans to conduct field interviews. (Photo credit: Sabina Nadzhafova)

Russia Trip - Trottier, Gabdulhakov, Huang (3)



The research team is grateful for the financial support provided by the NWO in the context of this project. In addition, they would like to express its sincere gratitude to the conference organisers and all the volunteers and support staff at St. Petersburg State University for their professionalism and hospitality. Special gratitude is expressed to Svetlana Bodrunova for her dedication, for making us feel home in St. Petersburg, and for the lovely tour of the city.