Dr. Deborah Castro and Dr. Mike Wayne publish two essays about Netflix

The Spring 2020 issue of the Journal of Cinema and Media Studies has published a dossier entitled “Global Netflix”. The section includes five essays written by seven international researchers, including Dr. Deborah Castro and Dr. Mike Wayne, from the Department of Media and Communication.

Dr. Castro, in co-authorship with dr. Concepción Cascajosa (Universidad Carlos III de Madrid), reflects upon how subscription video-on-demand services have transformed the television’s production culture in Spain. The article offers a closer look into the two most popular services in the country: Netflix and Movistar+. In his essay, Dr. Wayne reflects upon the strategy used by Netflix to create its brand identity in Israel. He maps the relationships established between the international SVOD platform and local companies.

The dossier was edited by Dr. Amanda Lotz (Queensland University of Technology) and Dr. Ramon Lobato (Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology).

View the Spring 2020 issue.