Dr. Elisabeth Timmermans published book ‘Liefde in tijden van Tinder’

In her book ‘love in times of Tinder’ dr. Elisabeth Timmermans examines how dating apps and social media have changed our courtship patterns and intimate relationships over the years. Nowadays, it’s quite easy to run into your expartners on Facebook, to communicate with your lovers on Instagram and to find a new partner on Tinder. But how does this change our relationships?

In this groundbreaking book Timmermans shows how apps like Tinder have altered our dating behavior in the past decade. She is clear about the difference between online-and offline dating and tries to decipher the algorithm of tinder. Her arguments are based on scientific research and she sets out to answer questions such as: Do people have more casual sex because of Tinder? What does your smartphone use say about your relationship? Have Bridget Jones and other films given us unrealistic views on love? And how can you overcome Facebook jealousy?

Unfortunately this book is only available in Dutch for now.

Elisabeth Timmermans also talked about her book in NRC, Tijd voor Max and Spijkers met Koppen

You can find a link to her book here.