Dr. Lei Yang’s summer school course at School of Journalism very successful

Dr. Lei Yang
Roy Borghouts

Dr. Lei Yang was invited to teach ‘Interpersonal Communication: Theory and Practice’ at Fudan Intensive Summer Teaching 2020 during a week at the School of Journalism at Fudan University (Shanghai, China).

During the course, Dr. Lei Yang mainly focused on:

  • New Media and Health Communication: from an Intercultural Perspective
  • Communication Education: European Communication Research and Education—Taking the Netherlands as an Example
  • How to Write a Research Proposal
  • How to Do Literature Review

The Fudan Intensive Summer Teaching 2020 team consists of several professors and young scholars from Europe, the United States and China, who have rich teaching experience and academic achievements. Through a week of intensive teaching, the students were guided to carry out active academic discussions in interpersonal communication, health communication, family communication, media and culture, research methods and communication theories. The summer school course aimed at global graduate students, and there were around 70 students joining for each session of the course. Based on the course’s evaluation result, ‘Interpersonal Communication: Theory and Practice’at Fudan Intensive Summer Teaching 2020 got highly evaluated by the participating students.

Fudan Intensive Summer Teaching 2020 with Dr. Lei Yang