Dr. Simone Driessen as interviewee on the number one radio station of Chili

The Backstreet Boys performed, among other international- and national artists, at Festival de Viña 2019. Dr. Simone Driessen was interviewed on February 28th by the biggest radio station of Chile; Radio Cooperativa. She was asked to comment on the popularity of the boy band and how the Backstreet Boys fit into the #MeToo era.

The people at Radio Cooperativa wondered how it was possible that the Backstreet Boys were a phenomenon at this festival and among the attendees. Moreover, how could the Backstreet Boys still be this popular in Chile, and worldwide, after 25 years of existence? The interview also focuses on the #MeToo movement since Backstreet Boys singer Nick Carter contributed to this movement. Driessen elaborated on the position of the boy band in this movement.

If you wish to listen to the entire interview, narrated in Spanish but English in the background, please click here.