Dr. Simone Driessen To Receive the RMeS PhD Workshop Grant

Portrait picture of Simone Driessen

Together with Dr. Leonieke Bolderman (University of Groningen), Dr. Driessen won the RMeS PhD Workshop Grant to realize her workshop Renegade audiences? Understanding and exploring the practices of toxic fans, vigilantes, trolls, and provocateurs. Bringing together two fields of research, fan studies and surveillance studies, this workshops aims to better understand the phenomenon of ‘toxic fans’.

The RMeS Workshop Grant helps PhD-candidates or graduated PhDs to create and host a workshop on their own research, in order to share their knowledge with other scholars and PhD-candidates. The Grant highlights talented scholars in the field of media studies and it aims to acknowledge their research on original and innovate topics. Professor Matt Hills (University of Huddersfield) and associate professor Dr. Daniel Trottier (Erasmus University) will also be involved with the workshop.

The workshop by Dr. Driessen will take place on June 3rd, 2020, and is open to PhD-students. Additionally, the lecture by Dr. Hills will be open to all ERMeCC researchers.

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