Dr. Timmermans collaborates with Erasmus Magazine on a podcast series

Roy Borghouts

Can Tinder help you if you are looking for the one?  Does Tinder only help you finding love for just one night? In five different episodes Erasmus Magazine and Dr. Elisabeth Timmermans find out how you, as a single person looking for love, can continue your journey best. From installing Tinder or Grindr to finding the one – and keeping them.

From time to time Tinder takes blame for changing the dating scene since it is ought to be a ‘sex-application’. According to Dr. Timmermans this is a problematic and dangerous way of looking at the application because it creates unjustified expectations.

Timmermans does point out that this is not the first time that we look angry towards technology when our sexual behavior changes. A century ago, cars and cinemas were places where young women got pregnant. Technological innovations made dating a possibility since young adults had the opportunity to go to places without the supervision of their parents.

Dating applications are a relatively new development in dating. To get to know more about these developments, Erasmus Magazine and Dr. Elisabeth Timmermans present an action plan in a podcast. The podcast discuses for example why Tinder is so popular, why people use the application and what the best way is to get a date via Tinder.

If you wish to listen to the first episode, please click here.