Dr. Vidhi Chaudhri on how NGOs influence corporate social responsibility

In a co-authored book chapter in the edited book Communicating Corporate Social Responsibility in the Digital Era, Assistant Professor Dr. Vidhi Chaudhri describes how NGOs are leveraging social media to influence business practice.

The chapter is titled Digital Activisim: NGOs leveraging social media to influence/challenge corporate social responsibility and draws on illustrative and contemporary cases to explain how traditionally marginalized stakeholders can change corporate practices. Situated in the backdrop of growing attention to corporate social responsibility (CSR) and the prominence of social-mediated communication, NGOs now have more opportunities to be heard and noticed by management. The chapter concludes with ethical and pragmatic implications for NGOs and business.

The edited book is centered around the use and effectiveness of various communications through digital platforms about corporate social responsibility. Organizations often do not recognize the vital role of CSR communication to consumers and other stakeholders and in some cases even decide against communicating about CSR at all, as they fear triggering skepticism. By systematically examining CSR communication through digital platforms, the book establishes an up-to-date picture of the field.

Details about the book can be found on Routledge.

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