Dr. Yijing Wang publishes article on crisis management in Journal of International Management

Dr. Yijing Wang recently published a new article on crisis management titled "How does crisis management in China differ from the West?: A review of the literature and directions for future research." The article became available on 31 October 2019 in the leading scientific Journal of International Management in the field of international business.


Scholars often use Western-based frameworks to examine issues in crisis management in Eastern cultures such as China. However, relying on these frameworks may not be useful since in many cases they do not consider contextual factors such as culture. In their recent publication in the Journal of International Management, Dr. Yijing Wang and her co-author Dr. Daniel Laufer from Victoria University of Wellington, examined two key issues relating to how crisis management in China differs from the West. First, they examined factors that impact the occurrence and evolution of a crisis in China. Second, they identified distinct crisis management strategies deployed in China. Finally, their paper discussed the managerial implications and directions for future research.

You can read the full article here.