Erasmus University Rotterdam and Dept. of Media & Communication support platform to help refugees integrate through education

Stiching Unity in Diversity will present an online platform that compiles all higher education initiatives for refugee integration in one place. Refugees and general public will be able to access a unique online tool to find different integration programs based on education in The Netherlands. The database My University Cares Too (MUCT) will be presented on April 18th in a networking event at Erasmus University Rotterdam.

Education as a key factor for integration

Education is one of the key factors that will help a refugee to integrate in a new environment. Hundreds of initiatives have sprung in the Netherlands in the last few years to help the recently arrived navigate the difficulties they might find in the system. However, a platform that integrates all these efforts in order to offer a unique tool to those who are looking for help was missing.

On Wednesday, April 18th, at 15:00 the platform My University Cares Too (MUCT) will officially be launched during a networking event to be held at Erasmus University Rotterdam. The database platform is a tool where hundreds of initiatives in higher education aimed at refugee integration can be found.


The MUCT platform is funded and supported by Erasmus University Rotterdam, in collaboration with Dr. Amanda Paz Alencar and Dr. Ana Uribe Sandoval from the Department of Media & Communication (Erasmus School of History, Culture and Communication). Other involved parties are:

  • Stichting Voor Vluchteling Studenten UAF. Content and contact support with nationwide education network.
  • Financial support for the website construction and maintenance for a year.
  • RCCG BTS Den Haag. Office space and financial support for day to day work on the website.


The launch event will be a networking moment where students and promoters of integration in all of the Netherlands will have the opportunity to discuss and share their own methods, challenges, and successes. Prof. dr. Dick Douwes from Erasmus University and Paul Mbikayi from the Refugee Talent Hub will offer keynote speeches on the topic. The event will take place at Sanders 0-01 from 15:00-17:30 with drinks afterward until 18:30.

The event is open and available to all interested people only through registrationAfter the presentation, there will be opportunities for interviewing partner institutions in this effort.

More information

Stichting Unity in Diversity (UID) is a registered foundation in The Hague focused on the socio-cultural integration of refugees; combining multi-level integration practices that bring together the Dutch, foreigners, including refugees and all other levels of Dutch society to form one whole community through projects, skills training, dialogue and culture sharing. 

For more press information, please contact Belul Fasil at and +31 (0) 687524115.