Giulia Evolvi winner of the Digital Religion Research Award

Dr. Giulia Evolvi is the winner of the Digital Religion Research Award winner for her article Religion and the internet: Digital religion, (hyper)mediated spaces, and materiality. The award recognises the work of scholars whose research and publications promote and expand the field of Digital Religion studies.

The scholarship of Digital Religion explores how religious groups and practices intersect and engage with digital media in ways that influences online and offline expressions of religion. Decisions about the Award are made by members of the Advisory Board of the Network for New Media, Religion and Digital Culture Studies (NMRDC).

Giulia will give the annual Digital Religion Research Award Lecture on 3 November, 2022, in an online Zoom webinar sponsored by the NMRDC. More information about registering for this event is available via this form.

Dr. Giulia Evolvi will also give the Religion Department Distinguished Lecture at Rutgers University on 12 October, 2022, titled “Digital Religion, Gender, and Politics: The Case of the European Far-Right and Anti-Gender Movements”. It will discuss how extreme right politics, conservative Christian discourses, and anti-LGBTQ+/anti-feminist discourses intersect online.

For registration, visit this page.


Dr. Giulia Evolvi

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