The Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, and Resenteeism: a ROCCS blogpost about trends in the world of work

Research group discussion
Research group discussion

On Monday 8 May, ROCCS, a research cluster within ESHCC’s research institute ERMeCC, held a themed discussion centred around trends in the world of work, namely the Great Resignation, Quiet Quitting, and Resenteeism. Tessa Oomen and Phuong Hoan Le, both PhD-cadidates at ESHCC, wrote a blogpost about the discussion with their group members and would like to share their conversation.

Hoan and Tessa, founded the ROCCS cluster after teaching a together in an IBCoM course. ROCCS connects researchers of various disciplines who aim to address the dynamic interplay of organizations, media, and publics, in the context of contemporary societal challenges.

During their last discussion, ROCCS discussed current trends in the working world since the Covid pandemic and to approach it from the different perspectives of our members. Here are our takeaways:

  • Quiet quitting is not a new phenomenon.
  • Consider the role of technology.
  • Quiet quitting is not possible for every worker, so they resort to resenteeism.
  • ChatGPT may lead to more quiet quitting.
  • Internal communication could play an important role.
  • We need to consider the role of work culture.
  • Approaching trends in work and organizations from an immigration perspective adds valuable insights.

Would you like to delve into the discussion? Read further on Tessa and Hoan’s blogpost on the ESHCC PhD Club.

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