From half-baked ideas to making research fun: reflections on research collaborations

Roy Borghouts

In academia, many of us have to collaborate with others. The process often leads to mixed results: sometimes it works great and sometimes it doesn’t. Long-term research partners Delia Dumitrica (Media & Communication, ESHCC, The Netherlands) and Georgia Gaden Jones (Southern Alberta Institute of Technology, Canada) reflect in the article ‘Partners in Scholarship’ on the benefits of working together, charting their trajectory from a conference exchange to three small-scale yet personally and professionally rewarding projects to date.

While this trajectory won’t be the right one for every type of project, the slowed-down and dialogic approach to finding a topic you love and exploring it in-depth has been key to developing a research partnership where imperfection, vulnerability, and disagreement can lead to stronger and joyous research outputs.  

The article ‘Partners in Scholarship’ is published by Inside HigherEd and can be read here.