The Fashion Dialogue
Mariangela Lavanga & Ben Wubs are invited to discuss the values of fashion

Mariangela Lavanga and Ben Wubs invited to The Fashion Dialogue

Fashion Dialogue

On the 17th of June, during the FASHIONCLASH festival, The Fashion Dialogue takes place, an event where the current and future role that fashion plays in individuals' lives, our society and today's economy will be discussed. Mariangela Lavanga, Assistant Professor in Cultural Economics, and Ben Wubs, Professor in International Business History, will join the panel discussion on the clash of values behind fashion.

The world is transforming faster than ever, and becomes more complex everyday. According to Mind Fashion, it seems within this complex world more pertinent than ever that fashion is placed in a context that forces us to question its true value. Therefore, The Fashion Dialogue aims to discuss the state of fashion beyond static garments, catwalks, labels, stores and closets. It is about the values behind the clothes that are being designed, produced and worn. 

About the event

Together with professionals from different fields, such as Fashion Design & Technology, Arts and Religion, our Assistant Professor Mariangela Lavanga and Professor Ben Wubs will discuss the clash of different values of fashion. Prior to the panel discussion, Maaike de Haardt from Radboud University will talk about the interaction between religion, culture and gender. Also, designer Adam Peacock will elaborate on his vision behind The Validation Junky, an experimental lens upon the complexities of the contemporary digital consumer culture which emphasizes the possibility of designing products that celebrate identity, instead of diminishing it. The Fashion Dialogue is part of the [re]Framework of MIND FASHION in collaboration with FASHIONCLASH and takes place during the 10th edition of FASHIONCLASH Festival 'Fashion My Religion' (15 - 17 June 2018, Maastricht).

More information

The Fashion Dialogue will take place on Sunday 17 June 2018 in the Forza Fashion House in Maastricht. For more information about The Fashion Dialogue and to register for the event (admission is free!) please visit the website of Mind Fashion.