Meet the new PhD candidates who recently joined ESHCC! Today: Kaixin Cheng

Kaixin Cheng studies immersive news video and its impact on the news audience at ERMeCC. He is supervised by prof. dr. Susanne Janssen and dr. Marc Verboord.


Kaixin Cheng, also inconveniently nicknamed ‘Xiaoming’, is a new PhD candidate at ERMeCC. Thoroughly engaged with studying news media, He started with a BA in Russian Studies with a minor Journalism (SISU, Shanghai), then went on to an MA in Global Journalism (Sheffield). He spent his junior year in Moscow, Russia as a scholarship student. Kaixin is attracted by globalisation and its influence on the news industry, and he intends to contribute to it with an international perspective. His master’s degree project was situated in the conjunction of Russian and journalistic research.


Kaixin has gained experience in the media industry through various internships and apprentice programmes. He worked full-time as an intern editor at PearVideo’s news department, where cutting-edge production technology is used to create news content for new media platforms. He also learned from some established media giants, such as the BBC and China’s leading Xinhua News Agency. Naturally putting his nose into others’ business, Kaixin previously wrote and conducted interviews for newspapers and websites as a freelance writer.

Before the pandemic, Kaixin spent much leisure time exploring different countries, and his home country, China. He is especially interested in architecture, projects of transportation, and other signs of human society in different kinds of cities. Although, the habit of travelling constantly keeps him on the edge of bankruptcy.

Outside of working hours, Kaixin is most likely to be found around his kitchen. He is very keen on serving himself a three-course meal, despite his humble appetite. Kaixin loves any international event involving a complicated scoring system, for example, the Olympics and the Eurovision Song Contest. He currently runs a Eurovision newsfeed on WeChat, the Chinese social media, catering to a small but loyal audience.