New honours course on "Communicating sustainability in an intercultural context" started

Honours Course on Sustainability - First Seminar

Dr. Mélodine Sommier, Dr. Yijing Wang, and Dr. Ana Vasques (EUC) have developed an Honours course entitled "Communicating sustainability in an intercultural context" and had their first class on Monday 18 March with the 24 students selected out of the 85 applicants. 

The course was designed by Dr. Sommier, Dr. Wang, and Dr. Vasques (EUC) following their collaboration in the course “Teaching in the international classroom”. It combines their respective expertise on sustainability, corporate social responsibility and intercultural communication. The course received a grant from the central EUR and the Center for Learning and Innovation (CLI).

In total, 85 students from the whole University applied and 24 were selected. The class includes students with a variety of backgrounds and coming from seven different faculties (i.e. Erasmus School of History Culture and Communication (ESHCC), Erasmus University College (EUC), Erasmus School of Social and Behavioral Sciences (ESSB), Erasmus School of Economics (ECE), Erasmus School of Philosophy (ESPHIL), Erasmus School of Law (ESL), and Rotterdam School of Management (RSM)).

Honours Course Communicating Sustainability in an Intercultural Context