Roel Lutkenhaus wins startup-event with BEYOND MARKETING

On Sunday 22 October, PhD-researcher Roel Lutkenhaus won a start-up event with his social marketing concept ‘Beyond Marketing’. The Startup Event was organized by Rotterdam South’s House of Entrepreneurs and hosted in ‘t Klooster in the heart of the Afrikaanderwijk.

As a PhD candidate at ESHCC and the Center for Media & Health, Roel is studying Entertainment-Education – which is a health communication strategy that revolves around popular media – and dreams to bridge gaps between groups of citizens in the virtual- as well as the ‘real’ world. Popular media such as vlogs, podcasts, and other social media formats are at the heart of ‘Beyond Marketing’, serving as the social lubricant to connect audiences and spark conversations about societal challenges.

With the help of the House of Entrepreneurs, Roel will be able to integrate his company in the local communities and collaborate with local YouTubers, Instagrammers and other online creatives to bring the principles of Spreadable Entertainment-Education in practice. As such, ‘Beyond Marketing’ empowers locals to contribute their knowledge, experiences, and creativity in solving societal challenges such as loneliness among elderly, hidden poverty and sustainability.

Roel Lutkenhaus Startup Event