RTV Rijnmond: more international students stay in Rotterdam after graduation

The International Student Barometer (ISB) - a survey conducted amongst international students - revealed that many students who come to Rotterdam for their studies often decide to stay here after having graduated. Local radio channel Rijnmond dedicated an item to the topic and spoke with Jikke Verheij (director of the International Office of the EUR) and students Kavana Desai (ESHCC) and Selma Zekaj (ESE). 

Jikke Verheij thinks that the popularity of Rotterdam can be explained by numerous factors, including the fact that the university pays a lot of attention to offering international students a warm welcome and helping them out with practical matters such as opening a bank account and registering with the municipality. Moreover, students indicate that building a social life is rather easy, and the multicultural character of the city and the university also play an important role.

"Rotterdam is so different from other European cities I visited - and that is very positive" 

Kavana Desai, master student Arts, Culture and Society, intends to stay in the Netherlands after obtaining her diploma to find an internship or a job. "I am in love with the city. I remember the first day I came here and thought: this is the place where you have to be! Rotterdam is so different from other European cities I visited - and that is very positive," she explained in the radio show.

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